Cenex Harvest States: Erskine, MN



U.S. SiteWork, Inc. was the grading contractor to Cenex Harvest States on the Erskine fertilizer building earthwork.  Total project size was 8 acres.

U.S. SiteWork, Inc. performed the following scopes of work:

  • Site Erosion Control to include silt fence, seeding, and culvert protection.
  • Mined and replaced approximately 10,000 CY of soil to construct the site subgrade.
  • Installed over 400 LF of storm sewer.
  • Furnished and installed approximately 5,000 CY of Minnesota DOT Class 5 Aggregate Surface Course
  • Relocated approximately 20,000 CY of fill material on-site.
  • Performed soil corrections under fertilizer building as required.
  • Excavated and backfilled 2,000 LF of footings for fertilizer building.

Year Completed: 2013

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