US Steel Sulfate Reduction Drilled Shaft Pilot Test: Mountain Iron, MN



U.S. SiteWork, Inc. was selected as the deep foundations contractor for a drilled shaft pilot test in US Steel Minntac Mine.

Scope of Work Included:

  • Drilled 1 EA) Large Diameter Shaft
  • Shaft dimensions 7.5’ Diameter x 44’ Deep
  • Shaft was drilled under polymer slurry due to high ground water pressure
  • US SiteWork cored through large diameter boulders the whole length of the shaft to reach design depth
  • Shaft was backfilled with ZVI Iron Filings/Sand mixture using a 24” diameter tremie pipe.
  • US Steel will monitor ground water contamination as it moves through the ZVI filled shaft.

Year Completed: 2016

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