Cofferdam DC: Chaska, MN



U.S. SiteWork, Inc. was the Earthwork and Utilities subcontractor for J.E. Dunn Construction company.

The following work was performed:

  • Site Erosion/Sediment Control
  • Site Grading
  • Structural Excavation/Backfill
  • Extensive Soil Correction for Large Retaining Wall (up to 26' Depth)
  • Installation of Precast Stormwater Treatment System (Largest Sealed System in MN)
  • Water Service
  • Sanitary Service
  • Retaining Wall Soil Correction
  • Chaska Creek Retaining Wall
  • Removal of Exiting Pipes and Utilities
  • Installed 35,988 CF Iron Sand Filter Storm Trap
  • Water and Storm lines installed to Building

Year Completed: 2017

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